the benefits of advice

A key element of your financial plan is the strategies we implement. Depending on you, your circumstances and goals these might include any combination of these strategies:

Income & Asset Protection — prepare for the financial consequences to you and your family and your financial plans if you were to suffer a fatal or serious accident or illness and all the dreams potentially fall apart.

Superannuation — to give you a clear plan for growing your retirement savings to make sure you do have your desired lifestyle in retirement rather than limiting your lifestyle to fit your superannuation.

Retirement Planning — now that the hard yards are done you want to make sure your nest egg is going to provide for you for as long as you might live.

Investment Planning — take the guess work out of investing and come to grips with effectively financing your goals to make them a reality.

Budget & Debt Management — get a real handle on what is coming in and where it’s going to allow yourself to perhaps save and reduce debts so that you have more money to invest for retirement or earlier goals.

Tax Planning — effective planning of those primary goals in a tax-effective manner to enhance the immediate and future bottom line.

Estate Planning — ensuring what you want to happen does so and in an effective management and tax manner to take the worry and heartache out of your final act of goodwill.

Government Benefits — ensuring primary plans work to also maximize your government entitlements to enhance the immediate and long-term benefits to you.

And within these strategies there are myriad strategies and opportunities for us to consider.

Our fee for your particular advice depends on the nature and complexity of your advice and we will be able to advise you of this as part of your no-obligation initial consultation.